Space Research Scientist at Space Agency

How do you feel watching a countdown of a Rocket launch? It looks to be a simple countdown, but thousands of things happen in the background which sets the first stage of the Launch Vehicle to fire at the precise moment and enables to have a successful take off. The story does not end there, but continues till the mission of the Launch Vehicle is completed which is the delivery of the Satellite into the intended orbit. Launch Vehicle has completed its mission successfully but for the Satellite! Yah, it is like a newborn baby and its life starts from then on. It has to manage on its own in the hostile Space environment and deliver its duties. If this fascinates you and if you intend to figure out how all this happens and be part of the team making this happen, then the Space Sector is all open to you.

Space Sector has an arena of opportunities for people from various background such as - Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and many more. All streams blend here and at the end of the day, it is System Engineering. If you don’t get it right or if you feel you don’t know much about other fields, there is nothing to panic. You will understand it, once you are on the job and appreciate that learning is a continuous process.

In India, Indian Space Research Organisation under the Government of India provides the platform to harness Space Technology for the benefit of national development. It has various centres spread across the country which caters to different areas of research and development. The Typical areas are Mission Planning, Design, Fabrication, Testing, Analysis and Quality Assurance along with many support services.

If you are an undergraduate in Engineering and looking for opportunities to join Space Research, there is centralised recruitment which comprises of a written test followed by an interview. The written test will be based on your stream of under-graduation. Apart from this, there are opportunities for Postgraduates in Science/Engineering which gets notified through website and newspapers.

Space Sector with its ample opportunities and new challenges is indeed an ideal place for passionate folks!

Based on conversation in January 2019
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