Software Developer at Education Startup

I got admitted to National University of Singapore, where I pursued my bachelors in Computer Engineering.

During my university days, I did internships (3 or 6 month programs for students to get work experience) in various companies to improve my programming skills. These temporary jobs helped me get full-time jobs after graduating.

After graduating, I got offers from various companies - big and small. However, I chose to work in a small company. Small companies generally give their employees more work, more opportunities and more exposure and employees generally grow faster due to continuous learning and skill building.

My company creates web application (like Facebook) for schools to teach the subjects online.

I spend a lot of time building features for the web application. Example of a feature is "Like" button in Facebook. Besides, I have to attend team meetings to discuss how to build a specific feature - which member will do what, by when we have to deliver, etc. After we have launched a feature on our web application, there might be cases where the feature doesn't work properly -in those cases I have to perform "debugging" - editing the codes to rectify the errors.

Based on conversation in October 2018
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