Engineer at Public Transportation Operator

I started as a Management Trainee at Public Transportation Operator. A Management Trainee Programme is one where a fresh graduate is given training in various aspects of the business (engineering, project management, technology management, people management, cost management, etc.).

Railway systems have four major areas - 1. Train, 2. Track (what the train travels on), 3. Signalling (what prevents trains from colliding with other trains) and 4. Power (to propel the train). I have been working in the Track area for three and a half years.

My first project was the replacement of 180,000 old wooden sleepers to long-lasting concrete sleepers (sleepers are wooden/ concrete blocks on which rails are laid to provide stability to the track). Every night after the train service stops, my team of 500 workers go to the tracks to replace the sleepers using a specialized vehicle called Road Rail Vehicle.

My next project was to perform Condition Monitoring for trains and tracks. We installed sensors on the tracks and trains to gather information about the system health (just like how we use ECG/ blood test to monitor our health). Based on the data (information) from sensors, we decide what should be the corrective action (like medicines) to prevent system failure.

Currently, I am working on setting up a new MRT line in Singapore called Thomson Line. The line connects the Northern and Eastern parts of Singapore and has 33 stations. It is a fully underground line with driverless trains. In the mornings I go to the site to inspect the tunnelling works, installation of rail, etc. and in the afternoon I am back in office to attend meetings and create maintenance instructions for the staff.

Based on conversation in October 2018
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