Engineer at Construction and Civil Services Industry

During my university days, I studied Civil Engineering because I was fascinated by large buildings and wanted to build such buildings myself. I spent a lot of time working on projects with other students. These projects taught me how to communicate effectively with people. I also participated in a lot of extracurricular activities, where I learnt how to plan an event and coordinate with groups of people from different countries.

I started as an Engineer building transportation infrastructure (roads, bridges, railway lines, sheltered walkways, pavements, etc.) for Singapore. We manage the planning and implementation of Public Infrastructure Projects. I get to work with various teams to make these ideas come true. For example, planning an entire project involves understanding the requirements of various people concerned.

On a typical day, I talk to Government departments (Urban Redevelopment Authority, Building and Construction Authority), architects, electrical engineers to get the job done. This takes a lot of time, effort and negotiation skills. Besides, I also go to the site, where construction takes place to supervise the construction work. In fact, there have been times when we have to start work at midnight and finish before people start using the roads in the morning.

This job gives me a lot of satisfaction as I can see people using public transportation infrastructure we built the very next day.

Based on conversation in November 2018
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