Business Analyst at Consulting Services

In my high school days, I was very interested in problem-solving and I wanted to pursue an engineering degree to feed my passion. During my university, I realised my problem solving and lateral thinking skills are relevant in the context of business consulting too, and I joined a Consulting Services Company as a Business Analyst!

Just like how if you need help with a maths/ science question, you go to your teacher with doubts, if a Business/ Company needs help with expanding into other countries, overcoming losses, developing new products, etc., they approach a Consulting services company like mine.

My primary role is to talk to the clients to understand what exactly is the problem that they are unable to solve and need our help with. Then once the scope of the problem is clearly defined, we come with a solution and I conduct reviews to ensure the solutions we offer does indeed solve the client's problem. Finally, I make a presentation to the client on the solution we have developed and if the client is satisfied, we conduct training on how to implement the solution to solve the problem.

I strongly urge students to explore various options before deciding on one. There are many internship opportunities out there (mostly you end up working for free or you may get paid a small token amount - that doesn't matter!). By trying out various internships, you will understand yourself better - what you like and don't like, what you are good at, etc.

Based on conversation in December 2018
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