Analyst, Global Market Operations in investment bank

The problem solving and analytical thinking aspects of computer science stream appealed to me, and that naturally led me to select engineering stream.

I pursued my bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from National University of Singapore (NUS). I did two part-time work programs (internships) when at NUS - one in the company which provides electricity and gas transmission in Singapore and another in an investment bank. I realised that I had a keen interest in finance (banking) and wished to explore that area more. The core skills that engineering helped me develop: strong mathematical, logical and analytical skills helped me ease my way into an entirely new industry. My college also gave me a choice to take a few courses in finance which also helped me get some foundation knowledge on the same.

After graduating, I was offered a full-time job from the same top banking firm, where I did my internship. I joined as an operations analyst, and my role was to ensure that particular trading related functions went on smoothly on a daily basis and also analyse and solve any problems that arose in those functions. I worked closely with Traders (Professionals who Buy/Sell financial products on the stock market among other things) and also spoke to clients (other banks) on a daily basis. I believe that you can shape your career path and switch industries (from engineering to finance in my case) if you can identify your interest/ passion along the way and work methodically towards the same.

Based on conversation in November 2018
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